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3 Psychology-Based Tips for Selling More Items On Your Menu

You got into this business to do what you love and share your passion with your customers. That’s the fun part... but there’s also the kinda serious point that your menu needs to be optimised for sales.

Don’t get overwhelmed though, because here are some super easy menu hacks that you can implement today. Note: you could also apply these hacks to other types of businesses like salons and flower shops!


Remove currency symbols

A study from Cornell University showed that the more prominently dollar signs were presented on a menu, the more aware consumers were of the price, and the more likely they were to use the price information in their purchase decisions.

The lesson? Leave out currency symbols and you could make more money per customer.


Mix up your pricing

Dont list your item prices from low too high…customers can easily spot the lowest priced items and will go for them.

We’d recommend arranging your menu items to trend downwards in price, but make sure you stagger prices to avoid a pattern. For example, do this 15-11-13-9-4-7 rather than this 15-13-11-9-7-4.


Branding is everything

Your menu is the crowning glory of your business, and customers pick up on the most subliminal things. So don’t cheapen your brand by displaying your menu on thin paper menus or chalkboards with messy handwriting.

Invest in quality printing or signage to give your customers an increase perception of service quality. Customers like our letter board because it looks stylish, is easy to read and can be changed anytime.


So there you are…I hope you found this helpful. Stay tuned for more interesting articles in the future!


Ashley, Co-founder of Bonboard